Harvest Solar will look after the entire planning, installation and after-care of a PV system to be placed on your rooftop, all at zero cost to you.


At Harvest Solar we provide a start to finish package beginning with a free roof assessment to determine if your roof and its surroundings are suitable for a Solar PV installation. This may be done remotely from our offices, or we may arrange with you to visit your premises.

Site Visit

Once the assessment has shown you have enough roof area that is free from shade during the day, one of our consultants will conduct a more thorough site survey and confirm your current electric consumption and costs.


Following the site visit we will design a be-spoke system for your property, calculate the electricity production capable from your roof, and the savings you will make by having a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with us, or your payback period if you choose to pay for the system to be installed yourself.


Once you are happy with your “New” cheaper electricity price versus the “Old” utility price and the savings you will make, we will proceed into formal agreements to lease your roof and sign the PPA.


All equipment to be installed on your roof will be confirmed with you before any crews arrive on site, and we will work with you around the logistics of installation so all work is carried out with a minimum of inconvenience to you.


Once your system is installed and operational we will give you access to a monitoring facility which you can log into from your phone or computer and see the amount of electricity produced on your rooftop every day.


We will insure the system for the duration of our PPA with you. You will just need to inform your building insurers that you now have PV panels on the roof.


Harvest Solar will look after all maintenance and replacement of any parts required for the duration of our PPA with you. As there are no moving parts in a PV system, there is very little maintenance required. However, we may need to access the system on your roof from time to time to carry out any necessary works.